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For all gardening enthusiast and in search for home gardening products do connect with us. As we are hobby gardeners, we do not have a physical nursery but we source products on request.

Products for home gardening that we could source for you:

  • Coco Peat
  • Plants
  • Flowering Bulbs
  • Cow Dung Disc
  • Medium Strength Fertilizer
  • Local Vegetable Seeds (Can be easily arranged for) etc.

Some of the products currently available in house:

  • Cactus
  • Succulents
  • Orchid – Dendrobium
  • Alpinia Galangal
  • Grafted Kaffir Lime Plant
  • Coco Peat Slab

All orders shall be sent via post. Additional Transportation Cost is applicable. We cater to order requirements from across India.

For placing order, please connect with us via mail or call on: admin@flowersandmore.in / 9819136308.

Harvesting Turmeric!!!

How to grow Turmeric?? we will discuss that in some other post.

Start With..






In this post am not going to get into details of growing turmeric, rather just sharing my joy on successfully harvesting.

Was happy with the plant doing well with nice large green leafs in a small 8 inch pot, without any expectations of harvesting turmeric.

Best thing about the plant:

Its easy to grow

Requires not much care

Not attacked by any pest

the harvest leaves you happy.

Ideal Plant for a budding gardener.

Look at the images below. ;)

Mums (Chrysanthemum)

Mums popularly known as Shevanti are native to Maharashtra, meaning they love it here. They don’t need to be taken care of much, just water them regularly and they do well even in poor soil.

I planted my first Shevanti from rooted cuttings in October 2013, 3 plants in total. By winter 2014 the plants started blooming and by middle of February each plant had around 10 yellow Shevanti smiling ☺. Ever since I have been a fan of “mums”, 2014 I bought some new Shevanti plants and also tried my hands on propagation from cutting.

Can close my eyes n recommend people wanting to start gardening to try their hands on Shevanti,  they won’t be disappointed plus u easily get a plant at around 40 rs in myriad of colors from local nursery.

Best Time to plant post July , should start blooming by January.

Purple Basil

Since I have started gardening, basil has been my favorite plant primarily coz of it’s scent. For me it’s only second to tomato in terms of aroma. I have written a post on how to grow basil on my other WordPress blog link here.

This time I tried my hands on purple basil. It has a similar sweet aroma only difference being it looks more exotic. I have used coco pith with one part vermi compost to grow most of my smaller plants with reasonable success. I need to learn to make my basil plant look bushy n not lanky, I guess pinching at early stage would help.

Basil is not only easier to grow and care for but hardly attacked by any pest, an excellent plant to grow for early gardeners. Easy to grow from seeds, yet to try my hands on cuttings.